Calabash Waterfront Seafood Shack – Seafood Restaurant

Welcome to Calabash Fishing Fleet’s Fresh, Local & Wild Waterfront Calabash Seafood Restaurant

Waterfront Seafood Shack – Fresh Calabash Seafood

Fresh – Local – Wild

9945 Nance St. Calabash, NC 28467

Serving Lunch & Dinner Daily 11am-9pm – Closed Sundays – Outdoor Waterfront Calabash Seafood Restaurant

Calabash Waterfront Seafood Shack Is a Fresh Catch Seafood Restaurant and Market. We offer unique, outdoor, riverfront dining for lunch and dinner.

Some restaurants consider fresh seafood something that was just freshly defrosted from the freezer. That is not the case at the Calabash Waterfront Seafood Shack where we own the boats! Here is our example of FRESH FISH… Joe Schmidt from Charlotte, NC enjoys a half day, nearshore, morning charter trip aboard our famous Navigator (a Myrtle Beach deep sea fishing party boat) with his family. A beautiful day on the water and a beautiful bounty of flounder was caught by the family. When the boat returns to port, Joe walks his flounder a few feet to our Waterfront Seafood Shack and gives his flounder and instructions to the restaurant manager. Joe’s fresh catch of flounder is prepared as requested to perfection with some fillets Calabash style and southern deep fried, some filets are baked and one giant filet is pan seared in butter just the way Joe likes it! Now that is what we here at Calabash Waterfront Seafood Shack call FRESH FISH! BTW… They added some fresh shrimp and french fries to the platters just to top them off to perfection. Oh, did I mention we own the shrimp boat (Miss Serina) also.


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