Dolphin Adventure Cruise & Dolphin Tours

Calabash Fishing Fleets Famous Myrtle Beach Area Attraction.

(Dolphin sighting is guaranteed, or your next cruise is free!!)

Adults $21 (13 and up) – Children $18 (4-12 yrs) Children 3 and under are FREE!

Your dolphin adventure tours aboard the Navigator starts at the Calabash Fishing Fleet’s home port next to The Dockside Seafood Restaurant on Nance Street at the Calabash waterfront.

With our dolphin adventure cruise & dolphin tours you are guaranteed to see dolphins or your next cruise is FREE. This two hour Dolphin adventure cruise tour includes views of the beautiful island and Intercoastal Waterway as you head out to sea through the Little River inlet. Once at sea the Navigator will meet up with a working shrimp boat. (The Miss Serina shrimp boat is a part of our own Calabash fishing fleet) Dolphin will be abundant as they eagerly await the raising of the nets to see what the shrimpers will discard from the net. Once the nets have been emptied samples of what were caught in the net are handed over to the Navigators First Mate and from the bow pulpit he will explain and share each of the marvels of a shrimp nets bounty to our Myrtle Beach dolphin tour passengers. This is a favorite for all our child passengers.

You will enjoy being close to the dolphins for about an hour before heading back to our Calabash dock. Please dress appropriately, suntan lotion, hats & sunglasses are highly recommended.


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2 days ago

Calabash Fishing Fleet

Wide range of emotions gearing up for and putting everything back together in the wake of the hurricane! We have just brought the last of the vessels back to our port here in Calabash, NC.
While feeling blessed to have a place to come back to... Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone that has been affected by this storm!!!!❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
We are planning to reopen the Waterfront Seafood Shack on Saturday at 11am and please feel
free to call anytime regarding fishing trips and schedules @ (910)575-0017.

Your crew,
Calabash Fishing Fleet &
Waterfront Seafood Shack
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Glad everyone is ok & the place

Glad you are all ok. Thinking of you ❤️

Glad everything is ok. glad you guys escaped Florence's wrath! We are going to try to make our way down from Charlotte on Saturday. Looking forward to seeing you!

So glad all is well!! I look forward to fishing again soon!!

So thankful! The Lord is good! We we're so worried about your place! Been praying for y'all! Love y'all!

Answered prayers!

Glad everyone is ok. Also glad to see u r going to reopen Saturday! Love the dolphin cruise and can’t wait to come back down next June to go on another one!

Awesome!!! Glad to hear that!! Got to have a place to eat and fish!!!! The shack!!!!

So happy everyone is ok🙏🏻❤️🇨🇦🇺🇸🐬

Love the Waterfront Seafood Shack!!

So very happy to hear everyone and everything came through the storm ok. Love you all so much!

Glad all is safe. See ya in a couple weeks!!

Glad to hear you guys survived with not a lot of damage.

So glad you can still open. Was sure after seeing Southport pictures that you would have washed out to sea. Glad all are well.

So glad to hear y'all fair well. I was thinking of what things were like when matthew flooded y'all. So glad to hear y'all would be back open. I'll be there soon for my favorite bacon wrapped scallops, grilled corn, and pasta salad!!!!! God is GOOD.

Thank God your all ok!

We were thinking of you during the storm. Glad to see you are back to work.

Glad all is ok!!!

Amber E. Warlick and I (aka the dolphin girls,lol) were thinking of all of you and praying! So glad all are okay!

I have been praying for you all!!!! I can’t wait to get back next summer for a dolphin trip with Sharkie!!! My kindergarteners LOVE my new ocean finds each year and old ones come back to see what grows on the shelf of jars!!! Prayers for you all!!!

Glad you guys are okay! We were thinking of you!!

Thinking of you all up in Ontario.

So glad that you guys made it through Florence’s rampage. Keeping you all in thoughts and prayers will you get up and running. 💕

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3 weeks ago

Calabash Fishing Fleet

We are open and looking forward to serving you on this Labor Day, 2018🤗 @ Waterfront Seafood Shack ... See MoreSee Less

1 month ago

Calabash Fishing Fleet

The Waterfront Seafood Shack will be featured on the Cooking Channel this Upcoming Thursday night!!! Tune in at 10pm with Seaside Snacks & Shacks!!!😉😄❤️ ... See MoreSee Less


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Rick Caroway Beverly Caroway

Will try to remember to watch!!

I love this spot 😍😍😍😍

so excited to watch!!!!

1 month ago

Calabash Fishing Fleet

Plan a trip with your family and friends with Calabash Fishing Fleet today!! #fishlife #🎣🎣🎣🎣 ... See MoreSee Less


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What are your hours in the first couple weeks of October? Do you still run a regular schedule? I want to go on the dolphin cruise when I'm down there.

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